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Your team a high sustainable office?


Design, construction and technology

Do you know the feeling that things could be smarter, better? Let your creativity run free. At CBRE you can sink your teeth into countless projects, ranging from outfitting a new head office to renovating buildings with cutting-edge, sustainable tech. And even designing convention shattering interiors that change how people live, shop and work. Joining forces with diverse talents in one team will make your ideas go places you never imagined.

Why join CBRE?

Here are just four reasons to start off with:

Gain experience abroad and build your international career.
Grow your specialization and keep up with the market.
Pursue your own ideas of business development and services.
Be part of a team with the same ambition to provide the best services.

Projects we’re proud of

You could have been part of these success stories:

Meet our recruiters

“I always go for a relaxed and open conversation. So tell me who you are and together we’ll look for the right place for you.”

Daphne Douwes | Senior recruiter

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“I think it’s important that applicants can be themselves. That’s what I try to achieve in an interview.”

Elise van der Kallen | Reruiter

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“What makes you happy, when do you feel powerfull? Together we look at the possibilities that CBRE offers.”

Maxime Braeken | Recruiter

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