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Danny de Lange (29) Senior Consultant

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Danny de Lange started planning his career early. After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate Management, he opted take a Master’s in Real Estate Studies and became a board member of FRESH. A national real estate network where he organised the Real Estate Symposium. Thanks to his many contacts with companies in the sector, he knew exactly where he wanted to start his career: at CBRE.

“The major players in this industry are all outwardly pretty similar. They’re all professional, international and offer more or less the same services. What particularly appealed to me about CBRE, though, was the open attitude of its people. I deliberately started out in the Valuation Advisory Department, because in my view valuation is the basis of all real estate advice. Once you know how a client calculates things, you understand the essence of this work and are able to provide the best possible service to your customers.”

Horizontal move

“I soon realised that logistics and industrial properties were what most appealed to me. From small-scale industrial premises rented by the local painter to a 60,000 square metre shed used as a European distribution centre. Anywhere that people physically work, that’s what I like to see. They are called the engine of the economy – and with good reason.

“After eighteen months as a valuer, I transferred to the Industrial & Logistics team. Here I deal with the purchase and sale of properties on a daily basis. I enjoy the commercial ‘game’: managing the flow of information between seller and investor, building relationships… That’s cool! And my knowledge of valuation comes in handy, too. Since that know-how was being retained by CBRE, nobody made a fuss about my horizontal move.”

Distribution deal

“Amongst other things, our team is responsible for rentals, purchases and sales of everything with roller shutters or a dock leveller. Not just distribution centres, multi-lets and industrial premises, but also places like data centres. My best project so far was the sale of a huge distribution centre in the south of the Netherlands. That was a pan-European project in which the vendor first approached our colleagues in London, who then called us in. I was involved in the entire process from start to finish. From writing the information memorandum and marketing it to potential buyers right through to due diligence and the final negotiations. That was a project of significant value, on which our team worked hard for three months. When a deal like that is finally completed, the champagne really does come out!”

Our People

“At CBRE you’re not placed in a box, but given the space to develop across a broad front.”

Laura Hovestad | Consultant

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"You feel and see that everyone is enjoying what they do, and they are achieving the best results. That’s so characteristic of CBRE!”

Marco Hekman | From trainee to CEO

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“I feel really involved with our organisation – CBRE makes sure of that”

Daan Lutjeboer | Portfolio Manager

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