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Daan Lutjeboer (28) Portfolio Manager

As part of his Master’s degree in Real Estate and Housing at Delft, Daan Lutjeboer completed a work placement at a large construction company. Assigned to its Tenders department, he found himself working on huge projects with lead times of up to eighteen months. Far too lengthy for a pacemaker like Daan, who is more at home taking a broader view and tackling multiple projects simultaneously.

“That’s why, as I was reaching the end of my studies, I decided that I wanted to work for the largest real estate consultancy in the world. So I just called CBRE, and not much later I began as a trainee in the Global Corporate Services Department (GSC) in Amsterdam. From day one I was working with Shell Retail, since CBRE has been responsible for the property management of Shell filling stations all over the world since 2010. As a trainee, my main task was drawing up the invoices. But now I have overall responsibility for the account in the Benelux, as its Portfolio Manager.”

Well-olied machine

“In my current role I manage a team of ten people, each of whom has their own specialisation. For example, one prepares rental contracts with local authorities and private landlords, or makes payments. Another seeks out new development sites or filling stations to take over. We keep each other thoroughly informed, though, and also meet regularly so that I as Portfolio Manager am fully prepared when I sit down with Shell. Together, we really do form a well-oiled machine. On average, I spend two days a week at our offices in Amsterdam, one day at the Antwerp office and two days at Shell. So I never have a monotonous working week.”


“I feel really involved with our organisation – CBRE makes sure of that”

Special client relationship

“Shell is a major multinational client, and therefore a really interesting one. In the Netherlands alone, it has more than 550 filling stations. Our working relationship is open and informal: we can tell each other straight what exactly needs to be done. That gives me plenty of room to think with them at the strategic level about potential risks, but especially about opportunities. CBRE, too, is a large organisation and so I’m already thinking about how I want to leave the account I’m currently building when I finally move on.”

CBRE Academy

“When I started out as a Portfolio Manager, I had to oversee people who were older than me and had been at CBRE for some time. That took some getting used to. Fortunately, in that respect I received full support from my own managers. For example, they advised me to take an introductory course in management. And this year I will take a leadership course. The development opportunities are really good here. There’s even an in-house CBRE Academy with an extensive training programme that stays in step with the duties and seniority of your own position.”

Our People

"You feel and see that everyone is enjoying what they do, and they are achieving the best results. That’s so characteristic of CBRE!”

Marco Hekman | From trainee to CEO

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